ایمیل به امام رضا

سه‌شنبه 27 آذر 1386 00:25 نویسنده: فرشته ایرانی نظرات: 3 نظر چاپ


Dear Imam Reza


Al-salam-o- alyk, ya Ali ebne- Musa-Al-Reza

I tried to come Mash'had moghadas, but you know, gasoline is selling by Houshmand Card and my card is empty 

I tried to come there for kissing your foot by airplane, but you know well, it is dangerous. I am still young and I don't like to die in air crash

I tried to come there for ziarat by riding a horse or donkey, but you know, most of them are killed to use their meat for restaurants as Kabab Kubideh

So, I am writing this email for you, but you know, your web site is filtered by the Mehrvarz government

Please tell me what kind of soil, should I pour on my head from these dolat hands

Please adrekni


Sincerely yours